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District thanks customers for great savings

elix Water District would like to thank customers who have reduced water use. During the first three months of state-mandated savings, Helix customers cut water use by 28 percent...


jjHelix board meeting adjourned to Oct. 7 at 5 p.m.
The Wednesday, Oct. 7, regular meeting of the Helix Water District board of directors is adjourned to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 7, to hold a public hearing on proposed water rates and conduct regular business at the district's administration office at 7811 University Ave., in La Mesa... Read more...

jjHelix provides info to help customers save their trees
Helix Water District is thankful customers have done such a great job of conserving water during this historic drought—28 percent from June through August. The district, however, would like to remind everyone that trees are extremely valuable to our communities... Read more...

jjHelix provides FAQs and answers on Prop 218 notice
Helix Water District's notice of public hearing on proposed water service fee increases that was sent to district customers in August is an in-depth explanation of the water rates needed to recover anticipated costs in the next fiscal year and beyond. The linked FAQ sheet addresses some frequently asked questions regarding this notice. Read more...

jjCost-of-service study reviews water usage to establish rates
Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc. provided Helix a cost-of-service study report that includes a comprehensive review of the district’s water usage, on the account level, by customer type, to help establish equitable water rates that will result in sufficient revenue over a five-year period... Read more...

jjGovernor signs bill to prohibit HOA's from banning artificial turf
Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Sept. 4 that prohibits common interest developments (typically governed by homeowners associations, or HOAs) from banning artificial turf. Assembly Bill 349, sponsored by the San Diego County Water Authority and carried by... Read more...

jjMine drainage contamination no cause for alarm at Helix
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, a major supplier of water to Helix Water District, said it expects no adverse effect on its water quality resulting from the accidental release of contaminated mine drainage Aug. 5 in southwestern Colorado. Read more...

jjHWD to hold Prop 218 hearing for proposed water service fees
Helix Water District will conduct a public hearing Wednesday, Oct. 7, at 5 p.m. at its administration office at 7811 University Ave., in La Mesa, to consider the adoption of proposed increases to the rates for water service fees for the next five years. Read more...

jjBe a water-wise gardener
Are you interested in becoming a more water-wise gardener?  Helix Water District will be hosting two separate California-friendly landscaping classes this fall, sponsored by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Attend one of the three-hour workshops... Read more...

jjFitch financial ratings agency affirms HWD's AA+ status
In the midst of the ongoing drought, financial ratings agency Fitch has affirmed Helix Water District's AA+ rating. After reviewing the water agency's finances, Fitch affirmed that the Helix’s financial outlook is "stable," supported by strong coverage, adequate liquidity and low debt levels. Read more...

jjFunding exhausted for turf removal program
Metropilitan Water District of Southern California is no longer accepting applications for its turf removal program through as funding has been exhausted.  So, there are no rebates currently available to Helix Water District customers for turf removal. Read more...

jjDrought-stressed trees need water
In cutting water use to achieve Gov. Jerry Brown's mandatory 25 percent statewide reduction, trees can suffer more than necesary. Watering trees through drip lines or soaker hoses makes maximum use of scarce water and keeps them alive to filter our air and provide shade. Read more...

jjHelix board adopts emergency drought action plan
Following a state mandated water use reduction of 20 percent for the Helix Water District service area, HWD's board of directors adopted an emergency drought action plan to comply with State Water Resrources Control Board's regulations. Local water use restrictions include... Read more...

jjHelix service area required to reduce water use by 20 percent
The State Water Resources Control Board adopted an emergency regulation mandating that water suppliers throughout California immediately reduce urban water use (statewide) by 25 percent. The regulation implements an executive order issued in April by Governor Jerry Brown. Read more... 

jjUnion-Tribune offers info to help San Diegans save water now!
There are numerous ways to use less water and they are becoming extremely important now as California's historic drought continues. The San Diego Union-Tribune has compiled a list of 33 suggestions for conserving water today and making the most of our limited supply. Read more...  

Weekly Conservation Tip

Tip #11: Use the garbage disposal sparingly.  Instead, compost vegetable food waste and save gallons every time. 

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Speakers Bureau

May we present...?
Helix has a series of presentations that bring information about the District to the community.

Would your organization like to know how your Helix dollar is spent? Or, perhaps you might be interested in the history of water in East County, from flume line to ozone?

Presenters come with all of their own equipment--laptop, projector, and handouts. All that is needed is a place to plug in, set up, and project onto a wall or screen.

To schedule a speaker, please contact Ted Salois at (619) 667-6257 or

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