Helix Customers Can Water Three Days per Week

At their April 6, 2016 meeting, Helix’s Board of Directors approved a three day per week limit on watering, and rescinded the two day per week limit mandated in June 2015.

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California’s Future: Sustainable Landscaping

While it brings welcome relief during times of drought, rain also flushes pollutants into our oceans and waterways. Population growth over the years, combined with more parking lots, asphalt roadways and concrete driveways, has deceased the number of native wetlands that historically served as natural filters and buffers during major storms.

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Colorado River Cuts On the Table

Representatives from California, Nevada, Arizona and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation are negotiating how to equitably reduce each state’s allocation of Colorado River water if water levels in Lake Mead continue to drop.

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Helix’s 2016 High School Photo Contest Winners

Helix recognized the 2016 winners of the district’s annual High School Photo Contest at its April 20, 2016 board meeting. See who won and their winning photos.

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San Francisco taking water conservation to a new level

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s headquarters in downtown San Francisco, shown in the above photo, uses 65 percent less water than other buildings of similar size.  The 13-story building is a big step towards sustainability, right up there with...
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MWD Board Rejects 62 Percent Increase

April 12, 2016 — This afternoon, the Board of Directors of Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) rejected a proposed fee increase that would have increased the cost of MWD’s treated water by up to 62 percent in 2017. While Helix Water...
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Water Use Restrictions

On June 1, 2015, the State of California mandated a 25 percent reduction on statewide water use through February 2016. Because of the past water conservation efforts of you, our customers, Helix’s mandate was 20 percent and we achieved it. On March 10, 2016, the state reduced our mandate to 12 percent through October. How that credit is incorporated into Helix’s water use restrictions will be discussed at the Board meeting on April 6, 2016 at 2:00pm.

Thank You for Conserving


Water Savings to Date

Our water savings is calculated relative to our water use during the same months in 2013.

  • February 1%
  • January 14%
  • December 17%
  • November 10%
  • October 22%
  • September 28%
  • August 27%
  • July 32%
  • June 25%

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