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Water: What You Pay For

Delivering water from the Rocky Mountains or the Northern Sierra to your home requires a lot of infrastructure, people and energy, and this is what your water bill pays for.

Water use restrictions

In June 2015, the State of California mandated a 25 percent reduction in statewide water use. Helix was required to reduce water use by 20 percent — and we (You) did. In June 2016, the state reduced Helix’s requirement to zero, because the San Diego region has an adequate water supply even if water supply conditions over the next three years are as bad as the last three years. This is the result of decades of regional drought planning and the incredible conservation efforts of our customers.

Thank You for Conserving


Water Savings to Date

Our water savings is calculated relative to our water use during the same months in 2013.

  • October 2016 11%
  • September 20%
  • August 17%
  • July 16%
  • June 21%
  • May 27%
  • April 23%
  • March 15%
  • February 1%
  • January 2016 14%
  • December 2015 17%
  • November 10%
  • October 22%
  • September 28%
  • August 27%
  • July 32%
  • June 2015 25%

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