Construction Projects & Bids

Each year, Helix’s Engineering Department works with various contractors and vendors on construction projects by soliciting bids for proposals. This process helps ensure that Helix receives services and supplies in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Engineering Contract Opportunities

Helix solicits bids for various construction projects, including work on pipelines, pump stations, and reservoirs. Unless otherwise noted, construction project bid advertisements and contract documents including all specifications, plans and bid are accessible through eBidBoard.

Contract Opportunities

eBidBoard / Helix Water District / Open Projects
Monitor eBidBoard for upcoming construction projects


Planned Projects in FY 2015-16

Final Budget – Fiscal Year 2015-16
Review our budget, beginning on page 89, to see the construction projects that Helix plans to do in FY 2015-16.

Construction Standards

Helix provides Design Guidelines, Standard Specifications, Standard Drawings and Approved Materials for construction in Helix’s service area. All materials and workmanship must conform to these standards and all installations and system modifications must be approved and inspected by Helix Water District.

Water Agencies’ Standards


Please contact Helix Water District at 619-466-0585



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