How to Read Your Meter

Red Sweep Hand

1 revolution = 1 time around
1 revolution = 7.48 gallons = 1 cubic foot
100 revolutions = 748 gallons = 100 cubic feet = 1 unit

Blue Low Flow Indicator

If you are not using water anywhere on your property and the low flow indicator is spinning, you may have a leak. The low flow indicator spins quickly when water flow through the meter is high, and slowly when water flow is low. Note that the indicator can be other colors or shapes.

How to Find a Water Leak

Meter Register

A water meter registers any water that flows through it, similar to how the odometer on a car registers miles. The meter shown here has registered a running total of 4,523 cubic feet, or 45.23 units, since it was installed. When a Helix technician reads the meter, he or she only records the numbers on the white background—these are whole units. The current read for this meter is 45 units. To calculate a customer’s water bill, we subtract the prior read, taken two months ago, from the current read.

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