Photo: Marie and Joe Venable with Helix Board President, DeAna Verbeke.

Last month, Helix Water District selected Marie Venable of Lemon Grove as the winner of the 2016 California Friendly Landscape Contest, our annual competition recognizing customer landscapes that are both beautiful and water-efficient.

Venable’s home sits on a half acre lot, and even though she waters a landscape, vegetable garden and fruit trees, her water bill averages about $80 every two months. She has four 250 gallon rain barrels, too, to capture water from winter storms.

This month, Venable did an interview with the County of San Diego in which she describes all the benefits of her winning garden and the philosophy behind it. One of the many insights Venable has to offer is that when she turned her yard into a garden, she replaced yardwork with gardening and turned a chore into a hobby.

Read Venable’s interview with the county

Being in and working in my garden is my stress release, my creativity outlet, and my exercise.

Marie Venable

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