Interruptions in Water Service

We work 24/7 to turn the water back on as quickly as possible

What Stops Water Service

City Infrastructure

Relocating the water system for road, sewer and storm drain construction

Aging Infrastructure

Replacing each piece of our system at the end of its useful life

New Development

Connecting new homes and buildings to the water distribution system


System Leaks

Identifying and repairing leaks quickly is critical to avoid water loss

Planned Shutdowns


We communicate with customers months in advance of large projects, and provide 48 hour notice for small projects — an automated phone call and/or notice on your door. We will explain when construction begins and ends, when water will be turned off, interim water supply options, and vehicle access.


Our pre-construction notices include the name of the onsite project manager and their cell phone number. This person is your first point of contact and it is their responsibility to answer your questions, address concerns and respond to issues.


Customer water needs peak in the morning and evening, so we do our best to turn the water off after you leave for work and school, and have it back on when you return home. With large projects, we plate excavations and secure the site for overnight safety.

Unplanned Shutdowns


Helix crews respond immediately and repair main breaks 24/7 to minimize service interruptions. Customers affected by the break are notified by an automated telephone call and/or a knock on the door by a crew member and informed when service is restored.

Interim Water Supply

If repairs are expected to take long and/or extend into the morning or evening hours when demand for water is highest, Helix may provide a tanker truck(s) with drinking water for customers, pets and animals. Customers must bring their own containers to fill.

We encourage you to include at least 5-10 gallons of bottled water with the emergency response kit in your home or vehicle. FEMA recommends that everyone be prepared for the first 72 hours after a natural disaster.

Build an Emergency Response Kit

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