Request a Speaker or Tour

Request a Speaker

Helix managers and staff welcome the opportunity to share what we know and answer your questions about our water resources, infrastructure, supply issues and, of course, water conservation. Topics include:


Our Water Resources

Drought and Climate Change

Managing Our Infrastructure

Water Quality

Advanced Water Treatment

How to Save Water by Tomorrow


Water Efficient Landscaping

Land Use, Development and Water



20-60 Minutes

We’ll tailor our presentation to meet your needs.

We Need Two Things

We need a power outlet and a screen or blank wall for the presentation. We’ll bring a projector and laptop.

10 or More People

We hope there are at least this many people in your group.

Reserve a Date

Call Public Affairs at 619-667-6270 or email


Request a Treatment Plant Tour

The people who manage Helix’s R.M. Levy Water Treatment Plant would like to show Helix customers why our water tastes good, and what they do everyday to assure it does. You’ll have a guided tour around the plant and learn about the treatment process, how we manage water quality, and why we use ozone instead of chlorine.



60-90 Minutes

We’ll tailor the tour content and length to the needs of your group.

Call a Month Ahead

We need to coordinate tours with plant operations and maintenance.

15-30 People

We have a 15 person minimum and each person must provide a valid ID.

Reserve a Date

Call Public Affairs at 619-667-6270 or email


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