We’re a not-for-profit, public water system

We developed a new water supply for east county in 1889 and became a special district in 1913. Explore Our History


Today, we operate and maintain a public water system serving 277,000 people, the cities of La Mesa, Lemon Grove and El Cajon, Spring Valley and other unincorporated areas of the county.

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We’re proud to report zero violations of state or federal water quality standards in the last 50 years.

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Helix Water District treatment plant operator monitoring 10 computer screens in the plant's control room.

Board Meetings

October 5
Board Meeting
3 p.m. @ dial-in/virtual or boardroom

October 12
Engineering and Operations Cmte
4 p.m. @ dial-in/virtual

October 13
Special Parks, Land, Lakes & Garden Cmte
9 a.m. @ dial-in/virtual

October 19
Board Meeting
3 p.m. @ dial-in/virtual or boardroom

October 26
Committee of the Board
3 p.m. @ dial-in/virtual or boardroom


October 15
California Native Plant Society Sale
8 a.m. @ Balboa Park
Oct 15 Event

October 15
Ms. Smarty Plants Goes Batty
5:30 p.m. @ The Garden
Oct 15 Garden Event

October 21-23
Spooky Camp-O-Ween
All Weekend @ Lake Jennings
Oct 21 Event

October 28-30
Spooky Camp-O-Ween
All Weekend @ Lake Jennings
Oct 28 Event

November 5
Fall Garden Festival
10 a.m. @ The Garden
Nov 5 Event

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Every service, product and job we depend on,
depends on water

Video Transcript: Value of Service

Water is critical in everything that we do. Water is life.  You can’t survive without it during times like the pandemic that we’re in now currently.  I think that our customers better understand the value of water, the essential need for that water.  Especially when they need to wash their hands, they need to bathe clean surfaces during this difficult time and that just goes to the fact that we need to focus our efforts even more on being more reliable and assuring the customers that we’re providing them a clean safe source of drinking water. It is an essential building block of what supports us here.  It’s life-sustaining, it supports the economy not only in the big scheme of things in San Diego county but also supports the local economy.  It supports the family structure within the community.  You know, when I’m explaining this to my children it’s, you know, it’s important to recognize that every single drop of water they save ensures that in the future, when they turn on the faucet to brush their teeth or to take a shower, that there’s going to be water there and that matters. You know I still don’t think people really fully appreciate the resource and how, how good you know a country like ours has it when it comes to water as a resource.  I mean truly it’s still under a penny a gallon.  You can buy a Starbucks you know, for three or four dollars.  A cup of water is delivered 24/7 to your tap for less than a penny a gallon. So, I think all too often because we don’t necessarily understand or see the inner workings of water delivery from the source water to your tap, we all too often take that process for granted.  Or, if you really kind of thought about it each and every day how often you touch water, it’s absolutely a vital resource. I think you could probably get by without power.  But, if you turn your water off for 24 hours, you would really feel the difference when you turn on your tap. As a customer of Helix Water District, you know it’s going to be safe, it’s going to be there 24/7, and it’s going to be clean and it’s going to taste great.


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