Which would you rather spend your weekends on:

A yard that doesn’t need much water?
A water efficient landscape?
A wonderful garden?

Water utilities prefer the term water efficient landscaping. But, honestly, the idea of a wonderful garden is far more intriguing. After all:

Yardwork is a chore — “work” is half the word. 
Landscaping is maintenance — so much work, so often, that we usually outsource it.
Gardening is a passion — people love their gardens.

It’s not hard to understand why people love their gardens — they are a creative endeavor full of possibilities. While a water efficient landscape saves water, a wonderful garden immerses us in color, feeds us, creates a home for birds and butterflies, gives us a place to enjoy dinner with friends under the stars, provides cool shade on a hot day and quiet sanctuary after work — and saves water, too.

If the idea of turning your yard or landscape into a wonderful garden sparks your imagination, then you’ll like 2019 Trends in Garden Design in Garden Design Magazine. The article reports on 10 trends shaping the world’s wonderful gardens, from “Keeping it Low Maintenance” to “Creating a Staycation Spot”, and provides a list of ideas for incorporating each of the trends in your own wonderful garden.

Read 2019 Trends in Garden Design in Garden Design Magazine

And, don’t forget our WaterSmart Landscape Design Workshop is coming up on Saturday, February 9 at 9:00 a.m.  If you’re raring to jump into your new gardening hobby, this workshop is a great place to begin. Reserve your seats!