October 6-14, 2018 is California’s second annual Water Professionals Appreciation Week, and Helix is launching the week with our Helix Water Talks event on October 6 at the district’s Nat L. Eggert Operations Center in El Cajon.

Helix Water Talks events offer behind-the-scenes, employee-led tours of Helix’s facilities. On October 6, registered customers will meet and learn from our operations staff how we maintain over 730 miles of pipeline and all of the attached pumps, tanks, valves, hydrants and meters.

“Helix is responsible for the safety, quality and reliability of the tap water in the communities we serve. This event is focused on what we do to assure water reliability,” said Helix Operations Director Kevin Miller.

The event kicks off California’s second annual Water Professionals Appreciation Week, which runs October 6-14 and was established in 2017 by Senate Concurrent Resolution 80, by Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa) and sponsored by a coalition of water associations led by the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) that includes WateReuse California, California Municipal Utilities Association, California Association of Sanitation Agencies, and the California Water Association.

Recent labor studies estimate that 60,000 people work in California’s water industry, and 30-50 percent of these people will reach retirement age through 2030. “The job opportunities will be there,” said Miller, “and the water industry offers a wide variety of careers in operations, engineering, biology, finance, communications, IT and many more types of positions.”

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