Learn how to transform your yard into a beautiful, water-saving landscape at our FREE, 3-hour WaterSmart Landscape Design Workshop on Wednesday, November 7, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

This is the first time we have offered this popular workshop on a weeknight — for everyone who can’t come on a Saturday morning!  This workshop is filling up, so click on the link below today to reserve your seats.
Why is this workshop so popular? Because it’s taught by a local landscape expert, with an easy-to-follow teaching style and a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t in east county. You’ll learn:
  • How to plan and design your landscape
  • How to remove your turf
  • How to select water efficient plants
  • How to irrigate efficiently 
  • How to harvest rainwater for irrigation
  • How to install your new landscape

Helix’s Nat L. Eggert Operations Center
1233 Vernon Way in El Cajon