Our customers are asking, so we want to share some answers to the common questions our customer service team is taking now. This post will help you and your friends and family, so be sure to read and share this post with others.   

Q 1. Why do I have higher consumption than this time last year?

 We experienced a very dry winter and spring. We are seeing that many customers had to irrigate their plants these past few months instead of relying on rain. Since irrigation can account for over half of a customer’s water use, increases in irrigation can mean increases in consumption.

 Don’t have irrigation? High use can also be caused by a leak in your private plumbing or a change in water use. Check out our page on high use to help determine the cause and avoid future high bills. There are also rebates available for flow monitoring devices that help you monitor your water use. Go to socalwatersmart.com for more info and to apply. 

Q 2. How do I set up payment arrangements?

 Give us a call. For help with a high bill or to avoid shutoff for nonpayment, talk with a Helix customer service representative at 619-466-0585 and make payment arrangements.

You can pay your past due balance in installments over a period of up to 12 months. We are open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Q 3. Is there a low-income rate assistance program for my water bill?

Stay tuned. The state’s Low-Income Household Water Assistance program is launching this month.

The state of California received federal funding to help low-income households who are past due on their water bill. The program launches in June 2022 and will offer a one-time credit of up to $2,000. Learn more at https://www.csd.ca.gov/Pages/WaterBill.aspx.

Q 4. How do I avoid late fees and deposits?

Use technology to never miss a bill. Set up easy ways to pay like autopay, epayments or pay by text. We will even send you reminders when your bill is due.

We understand that sometimes life happens. Customers have 21 days after their bill date to pay the bill before a 10% late fee, not to exceed $50, applies. Late fees are automatically waived if the customer has paid on time over the past two years. Having a good payment history can also help you avoid a deposit on your account.

Sign up for pay by text or autopay and never miss a bill again. Get started at https://hwd.com/bill-payment.



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