Here are four reasons why this is your year to win the WaterSmart Landscape Contest and walk away with the $250 grand prize.

1. Your landscape is 3-5 years old

You were excited when you planted it, but now your water efficient landscape is coming into its own. The plants have grown and all that soil you used to look at is hidden underneath the beautiful garden and habitat you created. It takes this long for a new garden to mature, but the wait was worth it.

2. You selected cool plants

You have Mediterranean plants and California native plants that need a third of the water your old lawn needed. What’s cool is that instead of having a big variety of plants, you planted groups of the same plant, and the different colors and shapes of the leaves are beautiful. And each time a plant group blooms, it’s a big splash of color.

3. You’re inspiring your neighbors

They see the two of you out in your landscape after work, plucking spent blooms off of plants and talking under the setting sun. No lawn mower. No noise. No trash bags full of clippings. Just plucking spent blooms and a little pruning in the winter and mulching in the spring.

4. Your water bill is inspiring, too

Because you’re watering the whole front yard with drip emitters. And you connected the irrigation controller to your phone so you can adjust for the weather even when you’re at work. The rain barrels were a good idea, too. Free water. In San Diego. Nice.

You know why you’re going to win the 2020 WaterSmart Landscape Contest? Because the judging criteria are:

Overall attractiveness

Appropriate plant selection


Appropriate maintenance

Efficient methods of irrigation

Yes — 2020 is your year.

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