Helix Water District has awarded Saint John of the Cross Catholic School, located in Lemon Grove, a $250 educational mini-grant for its fifth grade science program. Helix Board of Director Mark Gracyk presented the check to Aurelia Barreto, the teacher who applied for the grant, her fifth-grade class and Principal Greg Krumm at a school assembly on May 28, 2019.

Mrs. Barreto is developing a science module that will introduce her fifth grade students to the limited availability of fresh water and the challenges associated with developing alternative water supplies. Through hand-on activities, students will recreate the water cycle and attempt to desalinate ocean water. The mini-grant will be used to purchase materials for the desalination experiment.

As part of its school education program, Helix awards up to three $250 mini-grants each year to schools within its service area for water-related projects or programs. Applications are sent out each fall to all schools within district boundaries. Saint John of the Cross Catholic School is located in Lemon Grove and serves students in preschool through middle school.


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