Tomorrow, we start mailing our redesigned bill statement. We think the first thing you will notice, when you open it, is that it is easier to read. Here are the eight improvements we made.

1. The text is larger and easier to read on the front and back of the bill.

2. We moved the bill date and payment due date to the top of your statement so they are easy to find.

3. We reformatted this area of your statement to help you understand your water use. We recommend, each time you open a water bill, that you compare your water use in this 2-month period to this same period last year. The two numbers are easy to find, right below the graph. If your water use has increased, do you know why? Weather? More people in your home? If you don’t know why, check for a possible water leak on your property or call Helix at 619-466-0585 to schedule a free home water use evaluation.

4. Our water rates are on your statement so you don’t have to look them up. We charge by the unit and one unit of water is 748 gallons. We show how many units of water you can use within each of our three rate tiers, and the cost per unit in each tier.

5. In the bill details section, we show you how many units of water you used, in each rate tier, during the 2-month billing period. Any additional charges on your account are shown in bold, blue type. If you have questions about the charges shown, please contact customer service at 619-466-0585.

6. On the back of the bill, on the left side, we explain how we divide the costs of storing, treating and distributing water between our rates and our base charge.

7. On the right side, we list each of our bill payment options.

8. Below the payment options, we show you where to go on our website to learn how to save water indoors and outdoors and reduce your water bill.