About Us

We were formed by residents over 100 years ago to bring water to San Diego’s east county communities. Today, we treat water for much of east county and distribute water to the 277,000 people in our service area.

Who we serve

Helix delivers safe and reliable water to the cities of La Mesa, Lemon Grove and El Cajon, the Spring Valley and Lakeside communities, and other areas of the county. We provide water for homes, schools and jobs, and for firefighting.


Service Area Population


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Helix is a Special District

A special district is a local government agency formed by voters to perform a needed service, such as water or sewer. Helix was organized in 1913 and exists pursuant to Irrigation District Law (Water Code Section 20500, et seq.) We are governed by a Board elected from their communities and are held to high standards of transparency and accountability.

Open Meetings

The Ralph M. Brown Act requires that the public is notified of Board meetings and able to attend.

Full Disclosure

The Fair Political Practices Commission requires Board members and Helix staff to file a Statement of Economic Interest annually, reporting any gifts or monies received

Ethics Training

Assembly Bill 1234 requires that Board members go to ethics training when elected, and re-take the training every two years.

Financial Audits

State law requires special districts to submit regular audits. A certified public accountant performs these to ensure public funds are properly managed. The audits are public documents filed with the state and county controller.

Public Review

Special districts must upload their financials and Board member and employee payment records to the state website for review.

Compensation Data

Financial Data

Public Records

The California Public Records Act gives the public access to information from public agencies. 

Explore our plans, policies and finances.

Helix field operations crew replacing a gate valve in the street.


FY 2022-23 Operating and Capital Budget
Want to know what’s up at Helix? Read pages 1-5 of the budget.

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Our History

Our story dates back to the 1880’s and east county’s beginnings.

Our Mission Statement

Helix Water District is a progressive industry leader, providing high quality water, through an efficient and reliable system. Our innovative and dedicated employees and board members maximize human and technological resources, while providing superior service to our customers and supporting the environment for a sustainable future.


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