The Fall California Native Plant Sale, an annual fundraising event for the San Diego Chapter of the California Native Plant Society, starts next Tuesday, September 1.

This year, you’ll order plants online. You can preview the plants on the society’s website right now and start buying plants on September 1. Your plants will be ready for pick-up the last weekend of October.

The sale includes more than 300 species of California native plants, trees, seeds and bulbs that use little water and attract native birds, bees and butterflies to your landscape. The society’s website features a photo directory of the plants on sale, a plant list in Excel, and lists of plants that are easy to grow, edible, succulents, good in a container and rare. The society also offers a Native Landscape Planting Guide.

Because the sale is a fundraiser, there is a $75 minimum on orders, and the sale ends when 180 orders have been received, or on September 15 — whichever comes first.

Learn More on the Society’s Website


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