Many of us are enjoying the cooler weather and enjoying the outdoors without the heat. To local anglers, cooler weather means trout season.

On Friday, November 19, we’re launching Trout Season at Lake Jennings.

We are kicking the season off by stocking the lake with 2,000 pounds of trout. We’ll continue to stock 1,500 to 2,000 pounds of trout biweekly for a season total of 20,000 pounds. This year’s stock will be coming from Wright’s Rainbows in Idaho. Follow our link to see our complete stocking schedule.

Trout are hearty, delicious freshwater fish that many anglers enjoy – and there are many great ways to catch them at Lake Jennings.  You can fish from shore, get out into deeper water on our fishing dock, or rent kayaks or a 16-foot skiff with an outboard motor and explore the lake. Our rental boats are on a first-come, first-served basis. You can launch your own boat, too.

Lake Jennings is more than just a great fishing spot. The lake is also where Helix stores imported water from the Colorado River and Northern California, and local water from Lake Cuyamaca and El Capitan Reservoir. The water is on its way to our water treatment plant and east county homes. 

We also stocked our bait shop for trout season and do a fishing report, so you know where the fish are biting and what they’re biting.

This Week’s Fishing Report:

The report this week is that people are still catching catfish from the shoreline in Hermit and Siesta coves and near the old boat launch. Nightcrawlers and mackerel were doing the trick. Fishers off the t-dock were catching bass and panfish. Mealworms and nightcrawlers worked for the bluegill. 

The recommendation for the trout arriving this weekend is mini jigs. This all-purpose lure catches trout, bass, crappie and bluegill. For Lake Jennings, a typical setup for trout is 4 pound test with a 1/16 ounce jig. If you have trouble casting such a light jig, attach a bobber 5-6 feet above the jig. Popular jig colors for trout season are pink, orange and chartreuse.

You should also consider spending the weekend at the lake. To reserve a campsite (tent or RV) go to or call 619-390-1623.


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