Every job, product and service within our community depends on water. Every day, trained water professionals work behind the scenes to keep clean water flowing to our faucets and improve the health, safety and quality of our communities.

Their dedication provides reliable water, but their service is often unrecognized because water is always available. Celebrating Water Professionals Appreciation Week provides an opportunity to recognize the excellent services water professionals provide.

In 2017, California established an annual Water Professionals Appreciation Week. Last month, the Helix Water District Board of Directors passed a resolution proclaiming October 3-9, 2022, as Water Professionals Appreciation Week to extend their gratitude to water and wastewater professionals.

At Helix, we know it takes a team of highly trained, skilled and qualified professionals to keep the water flowing. Here are just a few of our employees whose talents, hard work and dedication improve our daily lives and communities.

“We have a responsibility.”

The people that I work with continuously impress me; I admire their technical knowledge, their work ethic and their integrity. I think that there is a sense of responsibility that comes with knowing that people rely on you to do a lot of behind-the-scenes work to support their daily lives, and I think that we all rise to that challenge every day.

It’s definitely a wonderful industry to go into, and it is rewarding to see the positive impacts of your work and how the infrastructure we build today will outlive us and serve future generations.

Karah Kingsbury – Associate Engineer – 6 years

Helix water district engineer
Helix crew supervisor Junior P

“We all play a vital role.”

I enjoy working with water and the distribution system as I see firsthand how the water gets delivered to the community. To most, it is a thankless job because most people don’t get to see the time and effort that is put into maintaining such important infrastructure that people rely on every day.

I get to work and collaborate with a great group of people who all play a vital role in maintaining this system.

Junior Pilar Utility Crew Supervisor – 15 years

“Our work is bigger than ourselves.”

This distribution system, the district and water itself play an important part in everyone’s daily lives. I like being able to work on something that is bigger than me.

For us to be able to provide this service, as well as being able to have some camaraderie with other hardworking people, makes the work very rewarding. A lot of the people here became family, and it is something that I appreciate and have pride in.

Jose Ramirez – Utility Crew Member II – 3 years

Helix water district utility crew member
Water professional and customer service representative

“We provide a core service.”

I have always had a knack for assisting and helping people, and I feel very valued about being able to serve the public with water since it is a core element that is good for the public and their health, well-being and quality of life.

Working in water is one of the most challenging, exciting and fulfilling careers you could ever work. You get to work knowing that you are supplying something that everyone needs and you get to accomplish this service with other professionals.

Michelle Harrison – Customer Service Representative II – 4 years

“We have a collaborative environment.”

I am also excited about the new projects we have coming up, specifically East County Advanced Water Purification and getting that online. These are big, important projects, and I am thrilled to be a part of them.

One thing that I really like about working with other water professionals is that our industry is a smaller community than you might expect. We all share similar challenges and we all can relate to these challenges from one agency to the next. This makes the collaborative environment much better, and it provides for a lot of opportunities.

Luis Valdez – Director of Water Quality/System Operations – 13 years

Helix water district Director of Water Quality

Our dedicated water professionals work through challenges and provide needed services that people and businesses rely on. It is a rewarding career that motivates us to do more and do better as we keep the water flowing.

We are grateful for our water professionals and the services we provide. Show your support for water professionals this week by following Helix on Facebook or Twitter. We will highlight some of the many incredible professionals that are here for you.


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