Don’t forget to spring forward into Daylight Saving Time this weekend — it starts at 2 a.m. on Sunday.

While it can takes days, weeks, even months to change the clocks in your cars — yeah, we all have those stories — it would be very smart and efficient of you to change the clock on your irrigation controller this weekend, and to give your irrigation system this 4-point check-up.

Replace the Battery in Your Timer 
Replace the battery in your timer, if there is one, to make sure you don’t lose your programmed watering schedule if the power goes out. Many timers will automatically revert to watering seven days per week, ten minutes per day, after a power outage if they don’t have a good battery.

Run the Sprinkler System  
Check to make sure all your sprinkler heads are still watering your plants and not the sidewalk or street.  Give them a simple twist if they need to be redirected. Realigning your sprinkler nozzles can save 12 to 15 gallons each watering cycle.

Check for Leaks
Look for perpetually damp spots in your yard or places where water pools – these could be a sign of a leak in your sprinkler system.

Stop Irrigating When it Rains
Don’t forget to turn off your sprinklers when rain is in the forecast and leave them off for at least 72 hours afterwards.

Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to outdoor watering.  Start a new habit and check your sprinklers when you change your clocks to make sure you’re not wasting water — and paying for it.