We updated our construction map so that you can see where and how we are putting your rates to work. Our interactive map shows project details, the timeframe for construction, and how to contact the project manager.
We have 10 construction projects scheduled for this year. Each one of these projects is part of the district’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). This plan prioritizes the design and replacement of specific infrastructure over a 10-year horizon.

Our CIP helps maintain over $1 billion in assets required to ensure the district’s 24/7 water delivery—from our dams, water treatment plant and pump stations to our pipes, valves and meters. Our goal is to manage our assets as efficiently as possible. That is why we replace infrastructure before it fails, so we can keep the water flowing to your homes and businesses.

This year, we scheduled five cast iron pipe replacement projects, two water storage tank improvement projects, replacement of two transmission pipeline valves and 45 distribution system valves, and a service lateral replacement project. By reinvesting your water rates, we can improve our water system’s operation, reduce emergency repair costs and make our communities more resilient.

Image shows new pipe and valves in the ground
Image shows Helix Water Tank.


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