We run two contests each year because they are a fun way to connect with customers and recognize their achievements.

Landscape Contest

The annual WaterSmart Landscape Contest is an opportunity for residents to showcase their water efficient landscapes — and inspire other homeowners.

Each year, we have lots of entries for newly planted landscapes, but we encourage residents who planted their landscape 3-5 years ago to enter, because their landscape is coming into its full beauty. Landscapes are judged based on attractiveness, plant selection, design, maintenance and irrigation, and the winner receives a $250 gift certificate. Entries are due each year in the spring.

Lake Jennings

Spring Photo Contest

Spend a Saturday at Lake Jennings photographing the lake, the wildlife and the fun things people are doing — camping, boating, fishing, jogging and more.  Contest participants take photos from March to May and enter their three best photos before the contest deadline on May 31, 2022. You can win up to $150.


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