This week, the County of San Diego and the San Diego County Water Authority announced new rebates exclusively for residential, commercial and agricultural properties in unincorporated areas of San Diego County.

The goal of the program is to incentivize landscape upgrades that reduce water use, enhance habitat and hold rainfall on a property  to reduce the flow of polluted storm water into the region’s waterways.

These rebates show what’s possible when government agencies collaborate and pool funds.  So visit the Water Conservation Garden for ideas, call a landscape designer, coordinate with your gardener and upgrade your landscape. Then apply for your rebates:


Rebates start at $3 per square foot when you replace thirsty lawn with water efficient plants

$60 for each station in your irrigation system, when you buy and install a smart controller

$65 per rain barrel

Up to $450 for rain-harvesting cisterns

The program also offers technical assistance for customers who want to upgrade larger landscapes on multifamily and commercial properties.

Here’s an important tip – explore all of the rebates and decide what features you want to include in your project before you call the landscape designer. Rebates on rotating sprinkler nozzles and soil moisture sensor systems are available. The County also offers rebates for installing rain gardens, gutters and permeable pavement.

Landscape upgrades can make a big difference in regional water demand, because more than half of all residential water use is outdoors.

And, small changes, like minimizing the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and adding berms to hold rainwater, can improve water quality in local creeks and rivers, and on our beaches.

Find out if you eligible for the Waterscape Rebate Program at:

Explore water efficiency workshops, rebates and resources at:


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