How to Read a Digital Meter Display

A digital meter display sits on top of a standard water meter. The display automatically rotates between three views, which are explained below.

View #1 / Consumption

The consumption view first displays nine digits, but the underlined digits show your water use. The display at left, for example, shows 23 units of water use. One unit equals 100 cubic feet — or 748 gallons.

After 45 seconds, the consumption view shows six digits and — if water is flowing through the meter — animated line segments appear to bring this to your attention. If you are not using water, the animated line segments may indicate a water leak on your property. Check for running toilets, dripping faucets and irrigation leaks.

View #2 / Flow Rate

The flow rate view shows how much water is flowing through the meter in gallons per minute (GPM). Here are some common flow rates for reference:

.01-.05 GPM / dribbling hose bib or leaking toilet
2.5-3.0 GPM / faucet
2.0-5.0 GPM / shower
4.0-5.0 GPM / washing machine
2.0-2.5 GPM / one sprinkler head

View #3 / Meter Model

The meter model view appears for five seconds, indicating the type of meter you have (d=disc meter), the meter model number (35) and the number of digits in the display (9).

Meter Status Indicators

Icons appear on a digital meter display below the digits. Here is what they mean.

The display is operating correctly

Display is not performing correctly. Please call 466-0585 to report

Flow of water from property to water main detected. Call 466-0585 to report

24 hours of continuous water flow detected

No measured water flow in past 30 days

End of battery life


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