We invest about $15 million annually in major construction projects to replace pipes, valves, reservoir tanks and other infrastructure that we put in place decades ago. This is how we ensure the reliability of your water service, and your water bills provide the funding. Would you like to see what you pay for?

Go to our website at hwd.com, hover on “Infrastructure” in the main menu and click on “Current Construction” in the dropdown menu. What you’ll find on our Current Construction page is an interactive map.

Location Markers
Each location marker on the map represents a major construction project we scheduled for the current fiscal year — the map we have now shows projects that we have scheduled through the end of the current fiscal year on June 30, 2022.

Click on a Location Marker
When you click on a location marker, a pop-up window shows you:

  • A short description of the project
  • When construction will start and end (end date is estimated)
  • A link to a detailed map showing the streets the project will impact
  • The contact information for the Helix engineer managing the project

Click on the Impacted Streets Link
Click on the Impacted Streets link and we’ll show you:

  • The streets and blocks where construction will occur
  • A detailed description of the work we’ll do, why we’re doing it and the cost of the project

Below the interactive map on the Current Construction page we have a link to our Capital Improvement Program. Explore this document if you want to know more about how we invest your water bill payments in the reliability of our water storage, treatment and distribution systems. It shows the projects we already completed, explains how we manage risk and prioritize projects, and describes the work that lay ahead.


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