With the ongoing drought, many of us are interested in finding new ways to save water. After all, water conservation is a way of life for us, and it is why our homes and businesses use half the water they used in 1990. Our collective change in water use is impressive, and includes commonsense measures like shutting the water off when brushing our teeth, doing full loads of dishes and laundry and keeping our irrigation systems off when it rains.

We can all do our part. Keep reading for a practical list of ways to keep using water efficiently.

Irrigate Like a Pro

Tame your turf’s thirst

Step on your grass. If it springs back when you lift your foot, it doesn’t need water. Irrigate in the evening or early morning, and set lawn mower blades to three inches to reduce evaporation.

Deploy the drip

Irrigate gardens with drip systems that minimize water waste by delivering water right at the roots.

Receive professional help

Make an appointment for a free home water-use evaluation and receive site-specific water-saving recommendations. Visit hwd.fyi/pro.

Work from the ground up

Help your soil retain moisture. Aerate compacted soils and add compost. Loose, aerated soils with organic matter absorb and retain more water. Also, be sure to cover bare soil around trees and plants with mulch.

We have a rebate available for mulch when you purchase 1 cubic yard or more. Visit hwd.com/rebates.

Get smart

Install weather-based irrigation controllers in your landscape to take advantage of the latest smart technology that maximizes water-use efficiency. Select models are eligible for a rebate of up to $200. Visit hwd.com/rebates.

walkway in home front yard showing mulch between low water use plants

Stop Leaks

Monitor your water use

Use your meter to check for leaks, and monitor your water bills to check for increases that may signal a leak or other problems. You can get a $100 rebate on flow monitoring devices that can alert you of high use and leaks before they show up on your bill.  Visit hwd.com/water-meter.

Handle with care

Regularly check your irrigation system for leaks, misting, overspray, runoff and broken sprinkler heads, and repair promptly.

Upgrade with Rebates


Start making WaterSense®

Replace older appliances and fixtures with efficient WaterSense® models, and take advantage of rebates to save money. Visit hwd.com/rebates.

Get an upgrade

When adding or replacing trees, shrubs, groundcovers or flowers, choose less-thirsty varieties. Group plants with similar watering needs together. Incorporate plants such as edibles and shade trees that provide added benefits. Visit hwd.fyi/outdoors.

Person planting lavender.

These are just some of the many tips available to help you use water efficiently. If you’ve already taken these steps, thank you for your efforts. Consider sharing this post with a friend, neighbor or family member who may not know of the resources and rebates available to help them use less and help make a difference.


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