Photo: Helix’s 2018 contest winner Carey Hultgren and Paul Geldbach

Right now, there are wonderful spring blooms in yards throughout the county. Residents who are looking for a healthy activity should consider sprucing up their yard and entering the 2020 WaterSmart Landscape Contest. The contest recognizes Helix Water District customers for their beautiful, colorful and water-efficient landscapes. The contest winner will be awarded a $250 grand prize to the nursery of their choice.

Here are four reasons why you should enter in the next few weeks:

1. It’s the perfect social distancing activity

Most of us can’t stay cooped up inside all day. Getting outside and tending to your yard is the perfect way to escape the indoors. The fresh air, fragrant flowers and plants to tend make gardening the perfect outdoor activity.

2. Spring blooms make for better photos  

As we speak, plants are showing off their bright and colorful spring blooms. These new flowers will really bring out your landscape and increase your chances of winning the contest. Judging criteria includes overall attractiveness, design, efficient use of irrigation methods, plant selection and maintenance. Go ahead – get your camera out, be proud and show off your yard to share with others.

Photo:  Helix’s 2016 contest winner, Marie Venable

3. Entering the contest is easier than ever

We re-designed the contest website so that you can enter the landscape contest without leaving your home. You can even enter the contest using your phone or mobile device. Simply take photos of your water-wise landscaping, share a brief story with us about why you installed your WaterSmart landscape and then upload your story and pictures to

Photo: Helix’s 2019 contest winner, Matt and Lauren Kirkpatrick

4. We extended the contest entry deadline to Friday, May 29

We understand that this spring is far from normal. That is why we chose to extend the deadline to enter. This gives you the time you need to spruce up your yard, maintain your plants and take some great photos of your landscape.

The 2020 WaterSmart Landscape Contest is looking for a winner and this year might be your year. So go on, make the most of your time at home, get outside, and inspire others.

For more information, visit the contest website: or contact us at 619-667-6226.


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