Adjust your irrigation timers this Sunday.

This Sunday, November 3, marks the end of daylight savings time. After you set your clocks back, take a few minutes and adjust your irrigation timer as well. Your plants need less water as the days get shorter and cooler, so fall is the perfect time to cut back on your watering days and times.

Making seasonal adjustments to your timer not only reduces water waste, but it also helps keep your landscape healthy. If you don’t have time to manually adjust your timer, consider upgrading to a weather-based irrigation controller which adjusts watering times automatically based on the changing weather. Rebates for weather-based irrigation controllers are available at

Finally, use daylight savings as a reminder to make sure the batteries in your irrigation timer are still good. In the event your timer loses power, many timers default to daily watering schedules unless you have battery back-up, which can lead to overwatering.