If you couldn’t tell by the refreshing, cool weather, it is Fall, and it is time to set your clocks back for daylight saving time.

As you are adjusting your clocks, remember to adjust your irrigation controllers. This can help you water efficiently and prevent water waste.

Cooler weather, shorter days, and recent rains make right now the perfect time to make seasonal adjustments to your irrigation controller. Making changes outdoors can have a significant impact since half of the typical home’s water use occurs outside. Habits like making regular adjustments and delaying water around rain events can save water and help keep your plants healthy.

Get a rebate on controllers that automatically adjust for weather

You can also save water by upgrading your existing irrigation controller to a smart, weather-based irrigation controller. These new controllers automatically adjust for weather, changing seasons, rain, wind and even time changes, helping you water more efficiently. Helix customers can get a rebate of up to $200 on qualifying devices. This is an excellent incentive since most smart controllers cost around $120 – $200.

Water-efficient devices and efforts have big impacts

As we change our clocks and adjust our outdoor irrigation schedules, remember that saving water can be easy. Small changes, upgrading to more water-efficient devices indoors and outdoors, like smart controllers, flow monitoring devices and efficient landscapes, can have big impacts. We know this because our customers are using half as much water per capita as they did in 1990. The water we save today will help us in the future.

Keep up the great work at using water wisely!

For water-saving tips, ideas and rebates, go to watersmartsd.org


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