Photo: Rotary Nozzle (Hunter Industries)

Have we got an offer for you!

Helix is doubling the $2 per nozzle rebate on rotary nozzles for our customers. Rotary nozzles cost from $5 to $8 each, so a $4 rebate is a substantial savings. Note that you must purchase at least 30 nozzles to qualify for the rebate, but you probably need that many or more to replace the sprayheads throughout your landscape.

Why are we offering this great deal? Because most homeowners have sprayheads and sprayheads have two inefficiencies: they water quickly, which can cause the water to run off the landscape, and they produce mist, which can blow away. Rotary nozzles use 10 percent less water than sprayheads. They save water by producing large water drops and applying them slowly, giving the ground time to absorb the water.

Replacing sprayheads with rotary nozzles is a simple project because you don’t need to dig out or relocate your sprinklers. All you have to do is unscrew the sprayhead, screw on the rotary nozzle and adjust the nozzle. Watch our video below.


  • A butter knife or standard screwdriver to pry the nozzle out of the sprinkler far enough to grab it
  • A rubber jar opener to help you grip and turn sprinkler risers when your hands are wet
  • A small standard screwdriver to adjust a sprinkler’s distance (arc)


  • When you grip and turn a sprinkler’s riser to point the rotary nozzle in the right direction, you’ll hear and feel a “ratcheting” noise. Don’t worry, this is normal and you’re not breaking the sprinkler.
  • You will get a little wet, so wear the appropriate shoes and clothes.