Congratulations to the recipients of our 2022 education mini-grants – Bostonia Global Academy, Murdock Elementary and Fuerte Elementary. Each year, we offer three $250 mini-grants to schools within our service area for water-related programs and projects.

It won’t be long before our water supply and water quality will be in the hands of today’s students, which is why Helix seeks to introduce these topics in the schools within our service area. We want these kids to grow up to be stewards of California’s watersheds and hope that our programs start them down that path.

Helix board member awarding an oversized check to teachers at Bostonia Global

Helix Director Dan McMillan (right), awarding a mini-grant to Bostonia Global Academy

At Bostonia Global Academy, students are designing, building and testing their own water filters to purify non-drinking water. They are identifying pollutants, building their own filtration systems, observing what types of pollutants aeration and filtration remove, and learning about the importance of engineers in the water treatment process. The mini-grant is funding materials for the hands-on activities.

Helix board member awarding an oversized check to a teacher and students at Murdock Elementary

Helix Board Vice President DeAna Verbeke (right), awarding a mini-grant to Murdock Elementary

Murdock Elementary is using their grant to expand their school library by purchasing books focused on global water access, conservation and equality. These books will provide their students with access to diverse literature focused on the importance of access to clean water supplies, water conservation and environmental equity.

Helix board member awarding an oversized check to teachers at Fuerte Elementary

Helix Board President Kathleen Hedberg (far right), awarding a mini-grant to Fuerte Elementary

Fuerte Elementary is also teaching its students about water quality. Their fifth graders are building water filters out of a variety of materials and conducting a series of labs analyzing water turbidity after using the different filters.

Congratulations to our three mini-grant winners and their projects that bring water education into the hands of our future. We look forward to sending out applications for our next round of mini-grants beginning Fall of 2022.

Helix Water District’s mini-grant program is part of the district’s education program and is available to schools within our service area.  

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