Saturday, October 13, was La Mesa Park Appreciation Day and the City of La Mesa welcomed volunteers to pitch in and spruce up 14 parks throughout the city. Helix Helps was at Harry Griffen Park, which sits on top of Grossmont Reservoir, Helix’s 30 million gallon reservoir tank.
Our Helix Helps program provides opportunities for our employees to volunteer for community service. On Saturday, 19 Helix employees and their families and friends raked park trails, redefined the path behind the amphitheater, painted picnic tables and painted the leading edges of steps yellow to make the amphitheater and the stairs to the restroom safer for park visitors.

Anne Solano and our City of La Mesa host

Jennifer Bryant, Lauren, Evelyn and Alexa

Tim Gray and Leann

Bill Lemke and Michael Gutierrez

Sandy Gutkowski and Jasper

Kira Haley

Tim Ross and kids

Jeff MacMaster, Lindsay, Dominic and Dyllon

Karah Kingsbury

Michelle Curtis, Andy and Tyler