In our semi-arid region, the delivery of water shaped our past and still determines our future.

We’re excited to release a two-part video series highlighting the evolution of our local water system and the formation of the district. This engaging series – with rarely seen photos – tells our story dating back to east county’s beginnings. 

Part One begins in 1885, when visionary leaders developed a plan to deliver water to a rapidly growing city. Learn about the construction of a 34-mile wooden flume that delivered water from the Cuyamaca Mountains to our local towns and farms, the roles Colonel Ed Fletcher and James Murray played, and how the water system went from a private investment to public ownership.

Watch Part One and Part Two of Helix History, and see how water continues to shape our future. 

To learn more about our history, join us on January 25, 2020, for Helix Water Talks: Then and Now – where we will dig deeper into our past and share our collection of historical photography and artifacts.  

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