Third and fifth grade teachers in the Helix Water District service area can now enroll their classes in one of Helix’s virtual school programs. 

We have a hands-on activity for third graders and a virtual tour of our R.M. Levy Water Treatment Plant for fifth graders. Each one-hour program meets next-generation science standards and STEAM curriculum requirements.

Our third-grade program, “Dams, Lakes and Rivers,”  offers a live presentation for third graders to learn about natural water supplies and storage reservoirs, including Lake Jennings, the district’s reservoir and recreational area located in Lakeside. We provide classes with materials so students can be engineers and build a functional dam.

We transitioned our fifth-grade treatment plant tour to a live, virtual tour. We will take students virtually through the R.M Levy Water Treatment Plant and go step-by-step through our drinking water treatment process. Students will see the plant inside and out, learn the process and hear from actual experts at the plant about what it takes to supply clean drinking water to our faucets each day.

“Our interactive virtual school programs introduce students to our water resources, infrastructure and water quality,” said Helix Water District’s Director of Administrative Service Jennifer Bryant. “We designed our programs with the students in mind, and made them engaging, informative and fun.”

Teachers can book a virtual activity by contacting our Education Assistant, Francine Thompson, at 619-667-6264 or [email protected]

About Helix Water District

Helix Water District is a not-for-profit local government agency that provides water treatment and distribution for 277,000 people in the cities of El Cajon, La Mesa and Lemon Grove, the community of Spring Valley and areas of Lakeside — east of downtown San Diego. Helix also provides treated water to neighboring Padre Dam, Otay and Lakeside water districts.


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