The Special District Leadership Foundation has awarded Helix a District Transparency Certificate of Excellence in recognition of our efforts to provide transparent and accessible government.

To receive the award, a special district must provide public access, financial transparency and public outreach to the communities it serves.

“This award is a testament to our day to day commitment to open government,” said General Manager Carlos Lugo. “The entire district staff contributes, and they empower our customers with information.”

The Special District Leadership Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization formed to promote good governance and best practices among California’s special districts through certification, accreditation, and other recognition programs. Special districts are local public agencies established by local voters to deliver core services, such as water, sanitation, fire protection, parks and recreation and more.

What follows are the steps we take, and the information we provide, to assure that Helix is providing open government.

Public Access

We provide our customers and the public with access to meetings, the decision-making process, elected board members and key staff.


Board of Directors

  • Board meetings are open to the public
  • Meetings schedule is on district website
  • Meeting agenda packages are posted on website
  • Board members must speak openly in meetings
  • Archive of meeting minutes on website
  • Board members receive ethics training
  • Conflict of interest policy on website
  • Board elections procedure on website
  • Board member names, terms and contact information on website


Other Information on Website

  • Mission statement
  • Authorizing statute
  • Description of services
  • Public Records Act Policy
  • Public records request form
  • General manager and key staff names and contact information


Financial Transparency

We post on our website the information needed to track the district’s finances month to month and year to year.



Financial Documents on Website

  • Current and past budgets
  • Annual financial audits
  • Financial reports in board agenda packages
  • Financial transactions filing with State Controller
  • Compensation filing with State Controller
  • Financial reserves policy
  • Disclosure of reimbursements to board members and employees


Public Outreach

We keep our customers, the public and our elected officials up to date on district activities.


Communications Channels

  • Website
  • Blog posts and email subscriptions
  • Social media — Nextdoor, Facebook and Twitter
  • Newsletter
  • Water bill envelope and message area
  • Classes for customers
  • Events for customers