Helix Water District is proud to recognize Facility Location/Survey Technician Dave Moore for serving the district and its customers for 35 years.

Moore, an East County native, started with Helix in 1984, bringing with him nine years of prior construction experience. Moore started as a part-time employee at Lake Jennings, which helped him get his foot in the door, and step into a meter reader position a few months later. Moore learned a lot as a meter reader, walking the routes and learning the district street by street.

Later, after earning his water treatment and water distribution certifications from the State of California, Moore moved into the construction department, installing hundreds of pieces of underground infrastructure. He then progressed into the district’s valve department, where he performed valve maintenance, made repairs, responded to leaks and restored service to water mains.

For the last 19 years, Moore has worked in Helix’s engineering department as a Facility Location/Survey Technician, specializing in the use of the district’s geographic information system (GIS) to research, locate and delineate the district’s underground pipes and facilities.  He took surveying and water technology courses to succeed in his new role, and earned an associate’s degree. Today, Moore trains other employees in the proper procedures and use of locating equipment.

“We benefit tremendously from someone with Moore’s knowledge of the service area,” said Helix’s Director of Engineering Jim Tomasulo. “His job is no easy task. We have 732 miles of pipe buried below streets and along the district’s various easements. On any given day, we have to have our facilities identified and located. Sure our maps and reports help, but having someone with this level of experience is a tremendous asset to the team”

Moore is planning for retirement, but has declined to provide any clues to a specific year or date. The district likes having Dave Moore around so it is probably better that way.   

“On behalf of all of us at Helix, I want to thank Dave for the 35 years he has devoted to the communities we serve and for his steadfast commitment to excellence in public service,” said Helix General Manager Carlos Lugo.   

Top: Dave Moore in the middle, with Helix’s Eddie Brisendine and Jim Tomasulo on his right, and Carlos Lugo and Tim Ross on his left.