Before Helix installed a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, field operations staff used to drive to each of the district’s 25 pump stations to turn on a pump.

Helix’s SCADA system consists of remote computers that operate sensors and switches throughout the district’s infrastructure. Staff communicate with the computers to monitor and operate the district’s water treatment plant and water distribution system, which serves 276,000 people.

A supervisor and four Helix employees support the SCADA system and the motors, instruments and controls to which it is connected. The team’s latest accomplishment is standardizing the design, hardware and software of the motor control centers in Helix’s 25 pump stations. Helix Electrical Technician David Reagan, a member of the SCADA team, wrote about the project in a feature article in Flow Control Magazine, and the article gives Helix customers a deep look into the technology behind our operations.

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