Helix customers use, on average, 21 units of water every two months. If you have a landscape, you probably use more than that in summer, and less in winter. Interested in how your own water use compares?

Calculating how much water you use is easy to do when you learn how to read your water meter, and our video shows you how. Calculate your daily water use by reading your meter early in the morning and again that night. Or calculate how much water your irrigation system uses by reading your meter before and after it runs.

Now that you know how to read your water meter, you can also use it to check for leaks. Turn off all water in your home and on your property and then check your water meter. If no water is on and the red sweep hand is moving, or the small low flow indicator to the left of the center of the dial is spinning, it could indicate a leak.

Now comes the challenge — finding and fixing the leak. It could be a toilet, the irrigation system or the swimming pool. We tell you how to check for these types of leaks on our website.

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