How We Hire

We’re looking for people who are as passionate about their technical professions as we are. And we’re interested in people who really want the job, who want to learn, and see Helix as a place to grow, contribute and make a difference. If that’s you, then apply for the job.  To get the job, follow the advice below.


Show us you’re qualified.

Read the Job Description

Look for the section titled Minimum Qualifications. This section list the knowledge, skills, abilities and experience that you need to have. Below that section, we list the water industry and job related education, certificate(s) and driver’s license required for the job.

Quote Us

We recommend incorporating into your job history all of the minimum qualifications that you meet, and using the keywords and phrases in our qualifications to help us see them during our review of your application and resume.

Focus on Results

You can list all of the things you did to meet one of our minimum qualifications, or you can focus on a result — what you achieved and why it was important. If you are a results-oriented person, show us that in your job history.

Attach a Resume and Certificates

A job application focuses on your job history. If you meet more of our minimum qualifications than you can list on the application, or have accomplishments in school or volunteer work to include, submit your resume with your application, and emphasize these activities. Attach any certificates relevant to the job, as well.

Skills Assessment

Show us your technical skills.

Show Us

Some skill assessments include a written test and other assessments include a hands-on exercise. For example, an applicant for an accounting job might have to solve a financial problem and an administrative assistant applicant might have to proofread a document.

Applicants for water distribution jobs might have to show us how they handle various pieces of equipment and demonstrate their ability to enter maintenance data into Microsoft Excel. Computers are part of everything we do at Helix. When you see “basic computer skills” in the minimum qualifications section of a job description, it means that you should know how to open, edit and save a document in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint file.


Our skills assessments have a time limit, so you need to make decisions and complete the work quickly and accurately.  The best way to get ready is to practice. Review the knowledge, skills and abilities listed in the minimum qualifications and and focus on the skills that need the most practice.


Show us your communication skills.


You want to be yourself and reflect your integrity and character during the interview. Practicing beforehand will help you. Google “most common interview questions” and write down the 20 questions you see most often. Now write your answer to each question, giving examples of your experiences and accomplishments. Practice saying your answers out loud until you feel comfortable.

Talk to Us

We all get nervous before a job interview. But when you enter the room, greet each person with a handshake. During the interview, demonstrate good posture, speak clearly and confidently, and look at each interviewer while you answer the questions.

Give Us Examples

Answer each question thoroughly, yet concisely. Most importantly, it is essential that you answer questions honestly and be yourself.  Providing examples is helpful. Examples show us that you have handled whatever situation we ask you about and help the interview panel better evaluate your background and skills.

Ask Good Questions

At some point in the interview, you’ll be asked if you have any questions. First, review the job description and review the district website.  Learn about what the job and district does and write down the questions you still may have.  If during the interview your question(s) do not get answered, asking one or two questions at the end of the interview is appropriate.

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