Water plays a significant role in our lives, yet the infrastructure needed to deliver water to our homes and businesses is often out of sight and out of mind. You wake up, shower, make your coffee, clean your car, feed your family, flush the toilet and wash your laundry. But have you thought about where your water comes from and what it takes to deliver it to you 24/7?

October 21 is the Value of Water Campaign’s annual Imagine a Day Without Water, which was created to encourage each of us to stop and think about the value of water, water utilities and the vast water conveyance, storage, treatment and distribution systems we depend on.

Our job at Helix Water District is to keep the water on at each home, coffee shop, restaurant, grocery store, school, office building and business in East County. It’s also our job to keep the water on at every fire hydrant, and at all hospitals and clinics. Access to safe, reliable water keeps our communities healthy and thriving.

And it takes planning to do that. Helix, and the other water utilities serving the San Diego region, have worked together for 25 years to ensure that we have the water we need. We depend on imported water from the Colorado River and Northern California, which experience recurring periods of drought. To protect our region, together we have invested in alternative water supplies and infrastructure projects such as desalination and raising the San Vicente Dam, and we are looking at projects such as advanced water purification to create a local, drought-proof water supply for East County.

We know how important water is. It’s up to us to keep the conversation going and ensure the systems that deliver this valuable resource are reliable for generations to come.

Learn more about Helix’s planning efforts

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