Above: Helix Water District Board of Directors cutting ribbon to open new boat dock at Lake Jennings on Monday, August 31, 2020.

Lake Jennings, Helix Water District’s reservoir and recreation facility in Lakeside, has a new floating dock that will last for generations to come.

The new dock is reinforced concrete encapsulating a solid polystyrene core, which makes the dock float. Numerous safety features include a nonskid concrete surface, enhanced security fencing and access gate, gangway handrails, and support posts to assist visitors as they enter and exit boats.

The new dock is replacing a wooden dock that, after 25 years, had reached the end of its useful life. This is where visitors come to rent motorboats, rowboats, kayaks and paddleboats to explore the lake and catch fish.

 “Over the years, we have upgraded our campground facilities, installed new trails and improved our recreation programs to make Lake Jennings a fantastic East County destination,” said Helix Water District Boardmember and Parks, Land, Lakes and Garden Committee Vice Chair Joel Scalzitti. “With our recent dock improvements, even more visitors can enjoy everything the lake has to offer.”

The modular dock is easily reconfigured and expanded and features a new, solar-powered dock house, lighting improvements for nighttime operations, shade structure, lockable kayak storage, and additional boat slips.

“This project is a long-term investment in our lake operations and the community,” said Helix Water District Boardmember and Parks, Land, Lakes and Garden Committee Chair Dan McMillan. “This is a high-quality dock and it sets the standard for future improvements at the lake.”

The district’s board is in the early stages of evaluating improvements of similar quality at the lake’s campground.

Lake Jennings is one of two reservoirs owned by Helix Water District. It has a water storage capacity of 9,790 acre-feet and is open to the public for boating, fishing, camping and hiking.

The lake is currently open on Fridays from 3 p.m. to midnight for night fishing, and for fishing and day use on Saturdays and Sundays from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. The campground – which boasts full-hookup, partial-hookup, non-hookup and tipi sites – is open daily and accepting reservations. Further information, including COVID-19 safety requirements for visitors, is available at www.lakejennings.org.

Lake Jennings is located at 10108 Bass Road in Lakeside.

Top Left: new aluminum gangway. Top Right: new dock house and lighting improvements are powered by solar panels on the dock house roof. Bottom Left: view of the dock from the bait shop. Bottom right: posts on the new dock help visitors get in and out of fishing skiffs that visitors can rent.

Photo shows new gangway entrance to boat dock.
Photo of boat house on new, modular, concrete boat dock at Lake Jennings
Image shows view through the trees of new boat dock at Lake Jennings.
Photo shows post on new dock to help visitors get in and out of boats. Visitors can rent fishing skiffs with an outboard motor.


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