Landscaping Workshops

We offer workshops throughout the year to teach homeowers how to design, install, irrigate and care for a water efficient landscape. This is important to our sustainability efforts, because half of all the water used in California cities is used for landscape irrigation.

Saturday and Sunday Workshops

The Water Conservation Garden in El Cajon hosts landscaping workshops on Saturday and Sunday mornings year-round. Topics include:

– Soil
– Irrigation
– Plants
– Landscape design
– How to hire a landscaper
– Rainwater harvesting
– Gray water
– Composting
– Vegetable gardening

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Landscape Design for Homeowners Workshop

This free, three-hour workshop is part of the San Diego County Water Authority’s WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Program, and  Helix hosts it three or four times each year at our operations center in El Cajon to teach our customers the basics of redesigning their landscape. Topics include soil, design, turf removal, plant selection, planning, irrigation, rainwater catchment and implementation — all the elements needed to convert high-water-use turf to a beautiful, water-efficient landscape. Subscribe to our blog to be the first to know when we’re hosting a workshop.

Subscribe to our blog to be the first to know about the next workshop.

WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Series

To participate in this FREE, four-class series, you must:

Be a homeowner
– Identify an existing turf area for removal
– Have an in-ground, working irrigation system
– Commit to attending all four classes in the series
– Apply online and be approved for enrollment

The classes include lectures, hands-on lab work, demonstrations, homework assignments and one-on-one coaching with local landscape and irrigation provessionals.

Class 1 / Let’s Get Started
You’ll learn about watersheds, how to make a plot plan and how to evaluate your site.

Class 2 / Shape Your Space
Learn landscape design fundamentals, plant selection and the rewards of functional design.

Class 3 / Make It Happen!
Learn about irrigation design, turf removal, installation and maintenance.

Class 4: Design Coaching
Meet with your design and irrigation coaches to finalize your plan.


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