You probably don’t even have Drinking Water Week on your calendar. But, for the American Water Works Association, Drinking Water Week is right up there with our other holidays, a time for us to come together and celebrate the things that really matter – like water.

 5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Tap Water


Your tap water is regulated and monitored to ensure its quality

We take over 200 tests per day at our treatment plant and use dozens of continuous monitoring devices. And we test more than 150 field samples per week to ensure that the water in our pipes maintains its quality all the way to your faucet. Quality is our highest concern.


Your tap water costs a tiny fraction of what it costs to buy your own

Your Helix tap water costs a penny a gallon, and that includes the base charge. Now go to the store. The single-use plastic bottles cost 100 times more, and the fill-your-own-container vending machine costs 20 to 50 times more.  That’s why you should fill and refill your own water bottle – with tap water.


Your tap water is efficient

At 8.34 pounds per gallon, water is just about the heaviest commodity to move, and we deliver millions of gallons of it every day – through the 728 miles of pipe in our water distribution system, which your water bills help maintain.  Imagine, for a second, if we delivered it in trucks. How much would that water cost? How much energy would it take? How would our roads handle the traffic, and how would you handle the congestion? Tap water is as efficient as it gets.


Your tap water is reliable

Need water? You got it. At your fingertips. Just turn on the faucet. That’s our product, our service and our promise.


Your tap water has never been better than it is now

Like the electronic device you are reading this on, technology is only getting better, faster, and smarter. As technology improves, so does water treatment, water quality monitoring and the reliability of our distribution system. We’re not in to drones and driverless cars – just the best water we can possibly provide.