Based on all of the questions we answered at Customer Appreciation Day a couple of weeks ago, we know that many homeowners are deciding how to relandscape now that water use restrictions have ended.

There’s two steps to relandscaping: the first step is deciding what to do — the design — and the second is doing it — the installation.  Whether you are doing it all yourself, or plan to work with a landscape designer, the first step in the design process is learning what you like.

You need to do some research, and the best place to start is This website features photos of landscape design projects, posted by the designers, and stories and helpful advice for your project. The photos are the real resource for developing and sharing your design ideas. Sign up on the site and you can save the photos you like, creating a collection of design ideas, plants and trees.

Here’s a story from to inspire you. Enjoy.

Recipe for Mediterranean Edible Garden Style