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Your Water Service Line
Your water service line connects your property to our water distribution system. It’s a small, 5/8 or 3/4 inch diameter pipe for most homes and larger for buildings. There are three important devices on your water line — a water meter, turn-off valve and, for commercial customers, a backflow prevention device. You should know where they are and how to use them.


A water meter registers water that flows through it in the same way a vehicle’s odometer registers miles. The meter shown at left has registered a running total of 276,517 cubic feet of water use, or 2,765.17 units, since it was installed.

Does your meter look different? Some Helix customers have a Digital Meter Register. Your meter is the same as other meters, but your display only shows digital numbers.  Click here to learn how to read your meter.

When we read your meter, we record the numbers on the white background—these are whole units. The current read for this meter is 2,765 units. We subtract the prior read, taken two months ago, from the current read to calculate your water bill. Watch the video to learn more.

Sweep Hand

1 time around = 7.48 gallons = 1 cubic foot of water use

100 times around = 748 gallons = 1 unit of water use

Low Flow Indicator

This is the blue dial on the meter face (yours may be a different color).

If you are not using water anywhere on your property and the low flow indicator is moving, you may have a leak.


If you ever need to turn off the water to your home due to a pipe break or to perform repairs, use the turn off valve (it’s also called the consumer valve) in your meter box. The valve handle is on the house side of the meter. It’s shown in green here, but is actually bare metal. To turn off your water, move the handle clockwise a quarter turn until it is perpendicular to the water pipe. We recommend turning your valve off for a few seconds twice a year to assure that the valve is working properly.


A backflow assembly prevents the flow of water from a customer’s property into our water distribution system. They are required for businesses, apartment and condominium complexes, and homeowners who have a well, pond, fire sprinkler system or pumped graywater or rainwater system.

Annual Testing Requirement
Annual testing of backflow assemblies is required by the State of California Code of Regulations, Title 17, and Helix’s Policies and Procedures, Section 5.3.

Reminder Notice
We’ll send you a reminder notice 30 days prior to your testing due date and we’ll include a pre-filled Field Testing and Maintenance Report for your tester to complete.

Approved Testers
Backflow prevention assembly testers must be industry certified and approved by Helix before testing in our service area.

Tester’s List (Updated June 2017)

Cross Connection Control
Monday-Friday, 7:30am-3:30pm
P 619-667-6224
F 619-599-8058


Also known as smart leak detectors, flow sensors are devices that monitor your water use in real time and notify you of your daily consumption, high usage and possible leaks.

What they do

These devices sync to your smartphone and alert you if there is high consumption or a leak at your property. This can help protect your home from expensive leaks and give you the information you need to manage your daily water use.

Which type of device do you need?

There are two different types of smart leak detectors available to you:  external devices and in-line devices. External devices are easy to install, but can’t shut your water off if there is a large leak. In-line devices can automatically shut off your water during a large leak but these devices cost more. In addition, in-line devices are more difficult to install and may require you to hire a plumber.

Does it measure your irrigation?

The last thing to consider is if the device is able to measure outdoor water. This is important because half of the water a typical home uses is outdoors. If you use more water during the summer, then you will want a device that will measure your irrigation use. This way the device can alert you of faulty irrigation programming, broken sprinklers or outdoor leaks. When selecting a flow sensor or smart leak detector, make sure its install location meets all of your needs.

Water Conservation
Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm
P 619-667-6226


Each one of us at Helix is committed to providing a safe, high quality and reliable water supply for the communities we serve

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