Photo: Sacramento River, just south of Sacramento, flowing into the Delta. (Source: USFW)

From the Sacramento Bee —
In a dramatic twist on the Delta tunnels saga, Southern California’s powerful water agency is exploring the feasibility of owning the majority stake in the controversial project, a move that raises fears of a “water grab.”

Under the plan floated Monday by three board members, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California would pour an extra $6 billion or more into the tunnels plan beyond what it has already pledged, enabling the twin tunnels to get built at the same time. Last week, facing a significant funding shortfall, the Brown administration announced it was scaling back the project to just one tunnel for now.

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Map Below
Map shows proposed route of twin tunnels to transport water from the Sacramento River under the Delta to the California Aqueduct, which transports the water to Southern California. (Source: KQED)