Lake Jennings is hosting New Moon Fishing this Saturday, April 14, until 10 p.m. If your first reaction is, “Nah, that’s not my kinda thing”, keep reading.
My first question was, “What’s a new moon?” I Googled it, and found this on
A new moon means no moon — you won’t be basking in the moonlight Saturday night at Lake Jennings. It’s going to be dark, and the stars will be phenomenal. Maybe the itinerary for Saturday night is to set up a couple of folding camp chairs at water’s edge or rent one of Lake Jennings’ skiffs – or a couple of their kayaks – and head out to the middle of the lake and gaze at the stars, and look for satellites passing over, and hold hands. This could be one of the best date nights ever.

The one thing that could put the kibosh on this is bad weather.  But, I went to The Weather Channel’s website and the five day forecast for Lakeside says clear skies Saturday night.

The other thing that could cut into the fun is that the staff at Lake Jennings requires everyone to have a lantern on after 7 p.m. – so boaters don’t run into each other and so they can be sure that everyone comes back by 10 p.m. But, if you find a quiet spot with no boats around, who’s to say that you don’t turn down your lantern for stargazing.

There’s one more thing to consider, which is hopping into your car at 10 p.m. driving across Chet Harritt Dam to your campsite, building a campfire, roasting marshmallows and gazing at the stars into the wee hours.

What a weekend! But, you probably won’t be the only one with this great idea so go to or call 619-390-1623 and reserve your campsite.


The lake opens at 6 a.m.
A State of California fishing license is required
Boat rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis
$9 per adult who is fishing
$2 per adult who is not fishing
$4 per child 8-15 years of age
$4 per child under 8 to fish
FREE per child under 8 if accompanied by an adult who has paid to fish