10 Tips for Beginning Gardeners

Photo: Aloe Designs From Houzz.com -- The rewards of gardening are great — fresh air, exercise, beauty and relaxation, to name a few. But designing and planting your very first garden can feel like an overwhelming task. Luckily, gardens are surprisingly forgiving...

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Our annual Water Quality Report is available now

Helix Water District’s annual Water Quality Report is now available in English and Spanish.  This year's report documents our water quality throughout calendar year 2017. English https://hwd.com/quality/wqr-english.pdf Spanish https://hwd.com/quality/wqr-espanol.pdf...

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$2.75/sf incentive for turf removal — act fast

From the San Diego County Water Authority -- Residents in San Diego County now can receive $2.75 per square foot for replacing turf with sustainable landscaping features as part of a new Landscape Transformation Program launched today across Southern California. The...

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What to drink this summer

When it gets this hot, nothing quenches your thirst better than water -- infused water! We have eight recipes to beat the summer heat, from strawberry, basil and lemon to mango, raspberry and ginger. It only takes five minutes to slice up your ingredients and a few...

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Water bond on November ballot as Proposition 3

Photo: future location of Sites Reservoir in Northern California (Los Angeles Times) From the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) -- The Water Supply and Water Quality Act of 2018 will appear as Proposition 3 on California’s November 6 ballot. Proposition...

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15 Great Ideas for a Lawn-Free Yard

On houzz.com: The lawn has enjoyed decades of popularity, and while there are still plenty of things to love about a great lawn, that expanse of green can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth. Check out these 15 inspiring examples of yards using gravel, stone,...

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Lake Jennings open every day in July

It's sum, sum, summertime and Lake Jennings is open every day in July. Why are we opening the lake every day? So that when school starts in September, your kids will have the best stories about kayaking, catching a bass, camping out, roasting hot dogs and...

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How we maintain a reliable water supply (video)

Maintaining a reliable water supply for our customers requires the continuous, 24/7 operation and maintenance of Helix's water distribution system: RESERVOIR TANKS PUMP STATIONS MILES OF PIPE VALVES METERS HYDRANTS Procurement, installation, maintenance and...

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How to grow beautiful Bougainvillea

From Garden Design Magazine -- Want to add some color to your landscape? You need a flower that isn't afraid of San Diego's hot, dry weather, and Bougainvillea is it. This fantastic article shows you the different varieties of Bougainvillea and explains how to use it...

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Your roof can save a lot of water

If every home in San Diego County had a white roof, the region could save 37 million gallons of water per day -- an 11.2 percent reduction in per person water use for landscape irrigation. That is the remarkable finding of a new study from Lawrence Berkeley National...

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Each one of us at Helix is committed to providing a safe, high quality and reliable water supply for the communities we serve


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