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Opening an account with Helix is simple. All we need is a service address, mailing address and contact information. Go online now or call Customer Service at 619-466-0585, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm.


We turn on new accounts Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, and you don’t need to meet us since your water meter is outside.


Request service at least 24 hours in advance. The 24 hours begin at 8:30am the next morning for requests submitted online or after 5:00pm.


We will add the $25.00 account set-up fee to your first water bill so that, right now, you can focus on unpacking and settling in.

Click on Start Service link.

Tips for New Customers

Get an Online Account

Live on your smartphone? We’ll meet you there. You can pay your water bill by text or email or set up automatic payments from your checking account.

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Request a Home Water Audit

We’ll come to your new home, check for leaks, check your irrigation and give you a list of water saving recommendations.

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We co-developed The Water Conservation Garden so people can see the lush beauty of water efficient landscaping.

Tackle Our DIY Projects

Our DIY projects make water conservation a little easier. Each project includes a timeline, cost estimate and step-by-step instructions.

Go Camping

Lake Jennings is a great escape just 20 minutes away. Stay in a tipi and rent a kayak for a day on the water.

Close Account

Go online now or call Customer Service at 619-466-0585, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm.


After you submit a request to stop service, we read your meter and send you a closing bill. As with regular water bills, payment is due within 21 days.


If an unpaid balance remains after 21 calendar days, we send written notification that collection steps are pending and that we will turn off your other active accounts if the balance is not paid.


If the account is not opened within one year of the closing date, we may remove the meter and require a meter reinstatement fee.

Log in and click on Stop Service link.


Each one of us at Helix is committed to providing a safe, high quality and reliable water supply for the communities we serve

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