Water leaks at your home are inconvenient and costly. Now, imagine leaks happening at the utility scale where large pipes run in streets. That is why Helix Water District proactively maintains and replaces pipe through our cast-iron pipeline replacement program. We reduce the risk of expensive breaks and unexpected interruptions to your water service.

About Cast-Iron Pipe

When East County was expanding in the late 1920’s through the 1950’s, water utilities typically installed cast-iron pipes to deliver water. It is now the oldest pipe material in our distribution system. Most failures from cast-iron pipes are due to age-related corrosion. Although the majority of cast-iron pipes have a protective cement mortar interior lining, underground elements like harsh soils, moisture and movement can cause the outside of the cast-iron pipe to corrode.

Cast iron pipe installation in 1960s

1960’s cast iron pipe installation

Showing a modern development with pvc pipe installation

New development project with modern PVC pipe

Our Cast-Iron Pipeline Replacement Program

We have been replacing cast-iron pipes since the 1970’s. In 2006, we launched our cast-iron replacement program, a multi-year project to replace the remaining cast-iron pipe with PVC pipe. Our new PVC pipe does not corrode and is expected to last over 150 years. Our goal is to replace 15,000 linear feet of cast-iron pipe each year, and we replaced 15,140 feet last year.  This leaves us with 50.6 miles completed and 16.6 miles to go, and we are on track to remove all cast-iron pipe from our water distribution system by 2027.

We are committed to maintaining our distribution system to ensure reliable service for decades to come.  This investment in maintaining the infrastructure that delivers water to your home is one example of how Helix puts your rates to work.

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