We would like to thank everyone who responded to our 2017 Customer Survey.
We emailed the survey to the 27,000 customers who have provided Helix with an email address, provided a link to the survey on our website and made printed copies available in our lobby — and 2,366 customers responded.

Helix retained Probe Research, Inc. to conduct the survey, and according to Probe president Scott MacKay, 2,366 responses from across Helix’s five divisions provides a very good sample. MacKay explained to Helix’s Board of Directors on Wednesday that highly accurate reflections of public opinion across the U.S. — such as the findings from voter surveys during a presidential race — are often based on just 1,000 or 2,000 survey responses.

Here are a few of the key findings from Helix’s survey.


Staff Interaction

84% of customers who interacted with Helix staff were satisfied with the experience, and 47% rated their interaction a 10 out of 10.

The Value of Water

74% of customers indicated they are receiving excellent or good value for the price of their household water.

Overall Service

76% of customers said they are satisfied with the quality of the service that Helix provides.

Dissatisfied with Water Quality

22% of customers are critical of our water quality. When asked why, 50% said “taste”.

Took The Garden's Advice

57% of customers who visited The Water Conservation Garden acquired information they were able to put into action in their own landscapes.

Will Continue to Conserve

91% of customers said they will continue conserving water even though California’s drought is officially over.
The survey also asked customers what they would like to know more about, and the top four responses were water quality, how water costs are derived, water treatment, and conservation ideas and programs. Our public affairs staff will focus on these topics in the year ahead.

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